Atividade de Inglês – 6º e 7º anos – Unidade I – 2013

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Lição para o dia 22/02/13.
In all English-speaking countries, February 14th is a very special day for people in love: it’s Valentine’s Day.Nobody knows much about St. Valentine. One story tells he was a Christian priest that was killed by Roman soldiers on February 14th. According to a legend, he used to marry young lovers secretly against Roman law which ordered young men to go to war.

Another story tells February 14th was chosen because birds normally began to mate on that day.February 15th was a Roman holiday in honor of the Roman god Lupercus. To celebrate it young women used to write love notes and put them in an urn. Then young men would pick these notes and begin to court the women. Then Catholic Church joined this holiday with St. Valentine’s Day, on February 14th.

On this day, children write their names on cards shaped like hearts, and give them to their classmates and teachers. Usually every classroom have a box with an opening on the top where children can mail their cards, decorate with pictures of hearts, cupids and arrows.

Teenagers and adults give cards, chocolates and flowers to their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives, or to someone whom they have fallen in love with. Nowadays, also grandparents, cousins, friends or even acquaintances take the occasion to express their affection for each other. The tradition of Valentine’s Day is the tradition of love.
People usually do not sign these cards and a lot of time is spent in trying to guess who has sent them!

(Adapted from Windows on the USA, McGraw-Hill, 1982).

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